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09 Aug 14

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22 Mar 14


"i’m not a feminist i just support equality" is 99% of the time code for "i support everyone shutting the fuck up about oppressive systems for the illusion of peace so i don’t have to feel guilty about my benefit from them and my reluctance to effect changes that begin with me"

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26 Feb 14
Good books make you ask questions. Bad readers want everything answered.
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13 Jan 14

chatting w/ ur friend at 4 am


chatting w/ ur friend at 4 am

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13 Oct 13
You can say “Bitch” on national television but you can’t say “Shit” because in our society it’s more acceptable to degrade women than poop.
— Paul Wesselman (via electracuted)

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28 Dec 12
People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson (via delucazade)

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12 Dec 12


why do boys act like they’ve committed a great humanitarian deed and single handedly solved world hunger when they say ‘i like girls with no makeup’ like congratulations would you like a nobel peace prize you fantastic feminist you

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27 Sep 12


It feels as if a dictionary exploded in my lungs and all its words and definitions are now mismatched and mixed up - I’m experiencing difficulty saying what I mean. This only further exacerbates my problem with meaning what I say.

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24 Jan 10

Link to my new blog!

A new blog for a new me :). It already has stuff on it, but I’ve just forgotten about it, but here it is, and a piece.

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13 Sep 09


You come around and make me feel like no other. You leave and won’t be heard from for weeks. Everyone else seems to see the true side of you, but I just don’t wanna see. Blindness has never made me feel such vanity. Everytime I turn my back, I end up coming back to the same place, starting all over again. Crossroads have never made me feel so at home. I come around to make you forget. I leave only to be struck down again.

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